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White Sands

About  Cover Look

Wondering what makeup is featured in the monthly web banner?  Find out here. 

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July Look

Foundation Base:  
OPTIONAL Curated Cream Foundation 
OPTIONAL Curated Foundation Powder

CHIC Tint in Statuesque

CHIC Tint in Coral Deep

"You know, when I took this picture, my foundation had been on for at least 8 hours? That's amazing!  I did take my powder brush and just dab (without any powder on the brush) on my cheeks to reduce a bit of shine.  I had removed my Chic Tint in Copper Bae after I had eaten so I reapplied with Coral Deep.  Honey, the staying power of this foundation, especially in the summer, is on point!  I can't help but fan-girl about OPTIONAL. Even if I didn't make it myself, I would love it!"

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