My name is Billie.  First and foremost, I want to thank you for showing some interest or curiosity regarding LYONYS Beauty Collection and its products.  We are a small home business in a small town, and our goal is to make you feel like you've found the beauty products you need. We use what nature provided - good, amazing, fantastic oils sourced from the plant and fruit crops surrounding us -  that are not watered down by science or even, well, water, and allow them to do what it wants and you need it to do, which is to love on your  hair and skin.  Each product is made in small batches, and sometimes specifically made at order. 

Due to hormonal imbalance, I have consistently fought acne since my teen years. It has left my skin very uneven, very blemished.  Science could not help with that, but nature has. By utilizing what nature has to offer, my skin is repairing and balancing out.  Now, you may be where I have been, frustrated with your skin but not able to find products that actually work.  Thinking simplistically and going back to nature, you may find what you desire and are looking for in LYONYS.  

Feel free to look around.  We are constantly looking for new oils and ingredients to make our products even better and exciting!  We love to create, and we love creating for you. 

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