LYONYS NEWS |  February 2019
Such an exciting announcement!  As Lyonys BC enters into its one year anniversary, things are changing in a new and exciting way!  

As the product creations increased, we at Lyonys mused over the idea of separating our hair, skin, and face products, making them stand out as a line of their own instead of lumping together.  In that way, it makes it easier for you, the consumer, to find the item that you would like - whether it be within skin care or hair care.  

Therefore, starting March 1, 2019, we will be separating our hair and skin under two different banners:  InTressed Hair Love and MareCole.FS, for face and skin.  They will both fall under the umbrella of Lyonys Beauty Collection.  

The products will be divided as such:


Neema Face Oil

Kutibu Face Oil

BabyFace: Sensitive Skin and Acne Rosacea
Kusafisha Purifying Face Toner

Some of the face product names will be changed. 

InTressed Hair Love:
Shampoo Bars
Flutter Brow and Lash
Hair and Beard
Coco and Clay Conditioner
Pre-Shampoo Conditioner
Conditioning Cream


We will be transitioning our labels as products are made, so you may receive an order that does not reflect the change.  We anticipate and hope that all our product labels will be ready by March 1.  

We will also be unveiling a new product that smells absolutely...amazing.  

Thank you so much for your interest in Lyonys Beauty Collection, and stay tuned for changes as the transition commences!

LYONYS NEWS |  October 2018

Remember how people would say there are two guarantees in life: Death and taxes?  In this day and age, we can definitely add another guarantee to that - a sign-up screen.  Everything in modern life comes with a registration.  Personally speaking, registering for every little thing can be burdensome.  It is yet one more password that you must remember and, heaven-forbid, it cannot be the same one as the previous company you registered with because...well, we all understand why. 


That was my thought process when considering beauty boxes.  Let's be honest - beauty boxes are fantastic!  Sure, you know you bought something for you, but because you don't know exactly what is gonna be in that box, every month is full of excitement! What's it gonna be?!  Whatever's in this box is alllllllll mine.


It's smile inducing, to say the least.  And I'm very smiley; I appreciate a good smile.


At Lyonys, we wanted our boxes to be both smile-inducing and hassle-free.  There are two options for a beauty box, easily available for purchase in our online store.  You can purchase a one-time box at $35, which will contain 6 items from our different suites: 2 from each suite to be exact.  Or you can purchase for a flat fee of $90 (over 10% off the one-time purchase fee), a three-month supply of goodies, one box received for  three consecutive months.  Along with that, there will be a special item, one that is only available one to two months at a time, and can only be obtained through a beauty box purchase.  That is  SEVEN items, approximately a month supply of each item, depending on frequency of use.  And for the months of October through December, there is an additional 10% off and free shipping with their purchase.


Oh, I hope I made you smile.


That said, why not meander on over to our online store and peruse?  No obligation to do so, and no sign-up necessary.  Just like window shopping, you don't need a membership to enter a store (ignoring that big box store we all love), and it shouldn't be a requirement to be surprised  each month.  Or to make you smile.


To your health and beauty,




LYONYS NEWS| June 25, 2018

Looks like I'm a little behind with my weekly updates! :D Ah well, a lot has happened in this month of June, including what will be FOUR total product releases!

LYONYS Deodorant was released in early June; Kutibu Evening Cream for Acne-Prone Skin was released a couple of weeks ago; and now, coming this week, are two more face products:  KUSAFISHA Face Water Toner, and Mpole Gentle Face Scrub.  These will round out the many other products designed to love the skin of your face, working with you from the outside as you work on the inside to clear and nourish your skin. 

No doubt you have noticed that the names of many of the LYONYS products are of another language.  Some of you may recognize it as the beautiful language Swahili. While I am not a native speaker, I have been slowly learning and appreciating the beauty of the language.  My homage to it is to name my products from it.  The meaning of the names of the LYONYS products:

Neema - Grace

Kutibu - To Treat

Laini - Smooth

Mpole - Gentle

Kavu - Dry

Kusafisha - Cleanse

I have enjoyed naming these products as much as making them.  I do hope that you enjoy using these products, as they are so special to me and made for you. 

In health and beauty, 


LYONYS NEWS --- MAY 26, 2018

When you have so much to say and share, it's hard to condense it into small enough paragraphs that it will hold the reader's interest, but here goes. 


It is that time of year when mailing butters and creams can prove...problematic.  The heat causes composition changes, turning a cream into a liquid during the shipping process.  Because of this, for the summer season there will be an additional ingredient to the creams in order to sustain their firm consistency.  Organic beeswax. 

The addition of beeswax will solidify the product a bit more, combining with Shea and Kokum Butter as an emollient for your skin.  And as many health and beauty aficionados will attest to, beeswax is so deep in minerals and anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that it will still love on  the skin, just as you need it to.  And because its comedogenic rating is a 2, the likelihood of it causing acne or pimples is low.  

This ingredient will be added to all butters and creams made from the beginning of June until end of September, when the worst of the heat has passed.  LYONYS will continue to provide quality to each of its products and hope that you appreciate the adjustment. 

Thank you for your interest in LYONYS news!

In health and  beauty,



LYONYS NEWS  --- MAY 13, 2018



Welcome to our News page!  Using this page, we will keep you informed of any news regarding our products or information regarding upcoming events or specials.  And to kick this section off...

Let's talk about NEEMA, the Not Just a Pretty Face Cream.  Since the start of this company in late February of this year, there have been several adjustments to this product.  It has changed names, from LYONYS PRIDE to NEEMA, and it has changed formulas.  Why the change to name and formula?  As I continued to use the product and others too, the name felt off to me.  As the ingredients changed and evolved to more special and organic ingredients, it needed a name that I hoped would feel as soft as this whipped butter.  After some research, the word NEEMA, which means in Swahili, Grace, became the name that I felt was truly for this product.  

As for the formula change, well, we gradually replaced non-organic ingredients with organic ones.  Or we replaced an oil with an herbal-infused oil to make it even more effective.  And we also added the use of homemade coloring that is simply the mix of beautiful colors found in nature with 100% organic, non-denatured, non-GMO grain ethanol.  The addition of ethanol into this anhydrous blend of oils adds a small level of protection against bacteria and mold that could occur if water is introduced into this product.  (Side note: To make sure your product stays as safe as possible, ALWAYS USE CLEAN, DRY HANDS when scooping from the jar).  


To wrap this up, I want to say 'Thank you' for your interest in keeping abreast of what's going on with LYONYS.  We will be adding a 'Clearance' section to this website, where you can get some of our wonderful products at a discount price!  Exciting stuff, exciting stuff. 

There will be a new post each week.  

To your health and beauty,