Wear Foundation - and Heal Your Acne, Too

Updated: Jul 18

Yes, you can heal your acne while wearing liquid foundation simultaneously.

Let me start this out by saying that I hate wearing liquid foundation.

But I also have been battling acne scarring for years...YEARS.

If you're familiar with Mineral29 Organics, then you are familiar with my story, as I don't mind sharing it one bit.

Fought acne since puberty hit. Have fought hormonal acne for the next 20+ years. Have fought the scarring that comes with it for the same length of time.

Because the focus of Mineral29 Organics is to help everyone (including myself) heal their battle-scarred complexion, my skincare products were designed with love for your skin to help you heal both physically and mentally.

I can say proudly that they have done exactly that, for myself and others.

Despite a few pesky breakouts here and there, my scars have faded and my skin glows like the freshly oiled behind of a newborn baby.

But sometimes, I want to wear a little makeup. I want to up my foundation game and glam a little.

I had tried many foundations throughout the years, pre-Mineral29 and post. The ones that I have tried either left my skin looking haggard after use or they did not match my complexion as well as I would have liked.

And of course, them My skin was already temperamental. I did not want to deal with a fresh outbreak of acne.

After an idea that surfaced 2 years ago, I have finally formulated and crafted a liquid foundation that my skin LOVES.

It is made to give you great coverage with just a few drops.

It is made to soothe and heal your skin.

It is made with ingredients that you can easily recognize.

It is made to help your skin fight harmful bacteria.

It is made to help protect your acid mantle.

It is made to fade your blemishes.

It is made to give you confidence.

OPTIONAL Foundation Drops are currently in trial mode and already I have heard wonderful reviews:

"It compares to a [foundation] that is like $50/bottle."

"I love it. Literally 3 drops and the color is perfect."

"It is so lightweight!"

Scheduled to drop in August (date yet unconfirmed but my subscribers will find out first, so join in!), I am so excited to provide you with a variety of colors, around 28 in total, that range from Fairly Lovely and Cool to Beautifully Deep and Warm. If you are uncertain about the best shade for you, I can customize one specifically for you. You can even receive a free trial size (taxes and shipping apply).

Interested in knowing more?

Subscribe to my website and get the update on reviews and of course the date this foundation is dropping. My desire is for you to enjoy how this foundation makes your skin look, how it makes you feel, and how it does not exacerbate your acne or cause a fresh outbreak. Understand that when OPTIONAL is released, it is because I am 100% pleased with what it can do for you.

So can you wear foundation and heal your acne, too? Yes, you can. With OPTIONAL Foundation Drops healing your original foundation, your skin, you might be able to, one day, make all foundation optional.

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