What the What?!? Subscription-Free Beauty Boxes

Remember how people would say there are two guarantees in life: Death and taxes? In this day and age, we can definitely add another guarantee to that - a sign-up screen. Everything in modern life comes with a registration. Personally speaking, registering for every little thing can be burdensome. It is yet one more password that you must remember and, heaven-forbid, it cannot be the same one as the previous company you registered with because...well, we all understand why.

That was my thought process when considering beauty boxes. Let's be honest - beauty boxes are fantastic! Sure, you know you bought something for you, but because you don't know exactly what is gonna be in that box, every month is full of excitement! What's it gonna be?! Whatever's in this box is alllllllll mine.

It's smile inducing, to say the least. And I'm very smiley; I appreciate a good smile.

At Lyonys, we wanted our boxes to be both smile-inducing and hassle-free. There are two options for a beauty box, easily available for purchase in our online store. You can purchase a one-time box at $35, which will contain 6 items from our different suites: 2 from each suite to be exact. Or you can purchase for a flat fee of $90 (over 10% off the one-time purchase fee), a three-month supply of goodies, one box received for three consecutive months. Along with that, there will be a special item, one that is only available one to two months at a time, and can only be obtained through a beauty box purchase. That is SEVEN items, approximately a month supply of each item, depending on frequency of use. And for the months of October through December, there is an additional 10% off and free shipping with their purchase.

Oh, I hope I made you smile.

That said, why not meander on over to our online store and peruse? No obligation to do so, and no sign-up necessary. Just like window shopping, you don't need a membership to enter a store (ignoring that big box store we all love), and it shouldn't be a requirement to be surprised each month. Or to make you smile.

To your health and beauty,



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