Ahndja (pronounced AHN-DEE-YA) is the very first fragrance oil from Lyonys Beauty Collection, and we are proud that it bears our name. With hints of rose, cardamom, and lavendar, and vanilla beans immersed within its' base of unrefined, organic oils,  its soft and gentle nature will massage your senses, leaving you feeling relaxed. And being that it is a beautiful blend of 100% pure oils, you know it is truly the product of nature's goodness and worry-free beauty. This is one of our popular items. 
Comes in either rollerball or spritz 10 ml bottle. 

Releve' Perfume Oil is a trio of spicy, floral, and citrus notes. Beautiful and uplifting like a ballerina on pointe, since it is made with only organic and pure oils and essential oils,  you can enjoy this soft fragrance all day long. 

Releve Perfume Oil is made with: CO Lilac Fragrance Oil, CO Lavender Essential Oil, Siberian Fir EO, CO Neroli EO, Jasmine EO, Rose EO, CO Juniper Berry EO, CO Cassia EO, Bergamot EO, Elemi EO, Amyris EO, Vanilla Bean infused Organic Sweet Almond Oil.

CO: Certified Organic 

Ahndja Original Fragrance is mindfully made with: Organic Madagascar Vanilla Beans, Organic Meadowfoam Seed Oil and/or Apricot Kernel and/or Sweet Almond Oil, Organic Bergamot and/or Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil, Rose Essential Oil, Organic Palma Rosa Essential Oil, Cardamom Essential Oil, Lavendar Essential Oil. 
"I spritzed a little of this perfume on a baby blanket gift. The parents called me wanting to know what is that delightful fragrance!" Colfax Mercantile customer
"This is my favorite perfume." Pullman Farmers Market customer

Ahndja & Releve Perfume Oils

  • Due to the presence of essential oils, if pregnant, nursing, or have a medical conditon, consult physican prior to use.  

    Do not ingest

  • For long-lasting wear, apply to damp skin and allow to air dry.  When applying to skin, do not massage or rub into skin but allow to absorb into skin.  Rollerball can be removed for heavier application or to add to lotion or body oil.  

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