• I LOVE HOW THIS TINGLES!  This scrub is a gem in a jar, worthy of the name Amethyst.  The objective of this face scrub is to make your skin GLOW.  Gently exfoliating away dead skin and cleansing your pores, you will notice bright skin immediately after using, and diminished pores with continuous use.  What makes this scrub so amazing is the ingredients.  Made with certified organic powders, these powders are designed to do the following:

    Kaolin Clay: Detoxify your skin

    Fenugreek: Brighten your skin and fade blemishes
    Butterfly Pea Flower: Cleanse the skin from harmful bacteria; calm and soothe red skin 

    Mangosteen: Promote microcirculation which diminishes undereye circles

    Lavender: Anti-inflammatory

    Bamboo: Promotes elasticity and increases protein in the skin 

    Rose: Exfoliation and diminishes excess oil production 

    Sacha Inchi: Improves moisture retention, decreases acne breakouts, and reduces the appearance of acne lesions

    Maqui Berry: Nourishes skin cells; extremely high in antioxidant levels, making it a strong anti-aging ingredient. 

    Dead Sea Salt:  Himalayan Pink Salt

    Not only is this a jewel in a jar, but when you wet this powder, it turns from a sandy beige to a beautiful amethyst color.  

    Used 2x a week, this product will give you skin that you will fall in love with. 

    Amethyst Face Scrub, 1.25 oz

    • Mindfully made with Kaolin Clay, Pure Powder Blend of
      *fenugreek, *camu camu, *butterfly pea, *bamboo, *rose,
      *sacha inchi, *mangosteen, lavender, *dead sea salt, *maqui berry. *Certified Organic. Allergens: herbs. If allergic to maple syrup, do not use. If pregnant, nursing, or actively treating a medical condition, consult physician prior to use.

    • Dampen skin. Using the provided scoop, put a small amount in your hands and wet with warm water.  Rub hands together and apply scrub to your damp skin.  Massage in a gentle, circular motion, for about 30 seconds to a minute.  Rinse with warm water.  

      Use 2x a week.  If irritation occurs, stop using immediately. 

      Do not ingest. Keep away from children.