BabyFace Sensitve Skin, made for those specifically with skin sensitivities - whether they are nut allergies, latex allergies, fragrance allergies. Also made for those who are expectant mothers that are not only worried about essential oils in products but are experiencing hormonal acne and need a balancing oil.BabyFace for Sensitive Skin combines five incredibly nourishing, non-acne causing seed oils, like pomegranate and camellia seed, that are high in fatty acids yet gentle for those who are most sensitive. Your skin will drink these organic oils, infusing your beautiful skin with what it truly needs and deserves: worry-free moisture..

BabyFace Oil for Sensitive Skin

  • Mindfully Made with These Ingredients: *Organic Camellia Seed Oil, Unrefined  Blend of Pure Watermelon Seed, Jojoba, *Rose Hip, and *Pomegranate Seed Oils. Vitamin C - Free Blend contains *Camellia seed, *hemp seed, milk thistle, *karanja, and *pumpkin seed oil

    certified organic


    Ingredients subject to change but will always be high quality and organic