Badia is an Arabic name which means admirable, unique. Our skin is unique to us and is a reflection of what we put on or in our bodies.  And while a true glow comes from within by means of a balanced diet, having a simple beauty regime that includes products made with  nourishing certified organic and organic oils and soothing plant extracts, one that is tailor-made to you, means worry free skincare that you can appreciate.This Badia Beauty Suite is for those that have specific concerns, such as:* Nut allergy* Fragrance allergy* Sensitive skin* Vitamin C or A allergyand would like something that takes their concerns into consideration when being made.  This suite contains four products - one of my BAIR body and hair cleansing bars or a specially made cleanser, depending on the need,  one toner, one scrub, one moisturizer. However, if there was an initial consultation, the Badia box contents will adjust according to what was determined to be the best products to help your skin. Answer the questions to give me an idea of your needs.  If you would like to provide me with more details, please message me. This box is made for you. The health of your skin is my priority and I want to make sure your skin will love it.

Badia Uniquely You Beauty Suite