• This bottle of goodness is everything to give your skin a good, truly thorough clean.  It's that one-step that you need to clean your makeup off - including that fantastic-but-intense mascara that you love deeply but is tricky to remove completely from your lashes.  Nearly every ingredient in this cleanser is certified organic, from the herb-infused distilled water to the all-certified organic saponified oils.  This cleanser gives you a good clean but a gentle one, and prepares your skin for the mask, the toner, the serum, that you use in your every day cleansing routine. 


    For safety reasons, in case you choose to use this in the shower, this bottle comes in a LDPE plastic, squeezable bottle.  If you prefer a frosted glass bottle, please make that selection (it is an extra charge). 

    If you prefer a bigger bottle to use on your hair and body as well, please see our bair EARTH Liquid Castile Cleanser for larger sizes.   


    This product is for external use only. Please do not ingest

    bair Earth Complexion Cleanser

    • Distilled water infused with *pau d'arco and/or red raspberry leaf,  saponified oil blend of *babassu, *avocado, *hemp seed, *olive, *rose hip, *shea  and *castor, himalayan sea salt, *essential oil blend of choice. 

      *certified organic 

    • Put two pumps of soap into damp palms and rub together to get a good lather going; add more water if needed.   Massage in an upward circular motion all over your face.  Avoid getting into eyes and mouth.  Rinse thoroughly with warm water.