BAIR Earth liquid castile soap is made with the same extraordinary ingredients as our bar soap.  Certified organic oils are saponified to provide you with a thorough  clean.  Shea butter, avocado, hemp, and rose hip oils are blended together, along with pau d'arco - infused distilled water, to provide nourishment to your skin. With a pH between 8-9, the clean for your body and hair will be not only thorough but gentle too. 

BAIR Earth Liquid Castile Soap, 8 oz

  • Distilled water infused with *pau d'arco, organic shea butter, saponified oil blend of *babassu, *avocado, *hemp seed, *olive, *rose hip, and *castor, himalayan sea salt, *essential oil blend of choice. 

    *certified organic 

  • For either face or hair, use at least two pumps of soap in palms and add water until sudsy.  Apply to skin or hair.  If using on hair, wash hair thoroughly, until hair squeaks or there is friction when rubbing hair, to ensure that all buildup has been washed from hair. Rinse thoroughly.  Follow with either Mineral 29 Organic face serum or hydratoner, or for hair, Mineral 29 Organics hair toner or Pudding Hair Cream.