If you’re looking for balance in your skin, especially when it comes to oil production, you’ve found it. This hydratoner is an absolute delight for faces because balanced oil production is extremely important. But we did not want this to just balance oil production – we wanted this to balance out your skin tone as well. Keeping these things in mind, we included certified organic witch hazel and wild geranium for their ability to tighten your pores while balancing your oil production. We used licorice root because of its ability to calm redness and fade blemishes, and we used mulberry extract because of its kojic acid content, working alongside licorice to give you a balanced glow. This product complements our EVEN Face Moisturizer. (Receive a slight discount for ordering the EVEN/BALANCE Set)

BALANCE Hydratoner

  • To use, simply put 8 -10 drops into palms, then press and massage into skin. Let dry completely before applying EVEN Face Moisturizer or moisturizer of choice. 

  • Mindfully Made With These Ingredients: *Witch Hazel, **Turmeric Essential Oil, **Lemon Essential Oil, Bitter Melon Extract, Organic Wild Geranium Extract, Licorice Root Extract, Mulberry Extract. Essential Oil Blend for Scent Allergens: Contains citrus, herbs .

    If pregnant, nursing, or taking medication for a condition sensitive to herbs, do not use. **certified organic

    Do not ingest. Keep out of reach of children Once opened, good for 3 months.