• Bare Fruit Face Glaze provides that nourishing protective layer beneath your sunscreen to keep your skin beautifully healthy and build a healthy acid mantle.  


    Virgin Red Raspberry Seed Oil - Rich in linoleic fatty acid, it provides strong UVB protection* while working against signs of aging, dryness, and inflammed skin


    Unrefined Pomegranate Seed Oil - Due to being high in punic acid, it is known boost elasticity and health of the skin; is rich in vitamin C


    Wildcrafted Pracaxi - This pod shaped fruit contains nuts that produce this beautiful oil that is rich in behenic acid, which can provide a protective layer around the skin and help it to regenerate


    Unrefined Apple Seed Oil - Benefits skin regeneration; boosts collagen synthesis as well as skin elasticity and flexibility


    This serum is moisturizing!  Yet beautifully nourishing, providing the kind of loving your skin truly needs.  


    Despite the presence of red raspberry seed oil this is not a sunscreen.  Please make sure to always use an SPF sunscreen prior to being outside to protect your precious skin. 

    Bare Fruit Face Glaze, 30 ml

    • Unrefined oil blend of red raspberry seed, *pomegranate, *pumpkin seed, wildcrafted pracaxi, apple seed, *carrot seed, *essential oil blend. May or may not contain apple seed oil; depending on availability


      *certified organic

    • Put one to two pumps (or 4-8 drops) into palms and rub palms together to warm the oil.  Apply all over face and neck.  Use under foundation or sunscreen.