Skincare is my passion. Having clear skin, healthy skin, had been a dream of mine since I left puberty. But I didn't really achieve it until I took the health of my skin in my own hands, creating this skincare line to not only heal my skin, but to heal the skin of others as well. In this day and age of social media and social distancing, being on camera is a daily event. We all are more self-conscious than ever before about how our face looks. We are also more aware of what is going on with our skin - unfiltered pictures do not lie, unfortunately.


The goal of this Care Consultation is to address the concerns that you have about your skin using the products that I have created. All these products are made with clear, obvious ingredients that you are familiar with. They are designed to be gentle but powerful, using the bounty of the earth to help heal and balance out your skin.


Please note that I am not a licensed esthetician or skin care consultant. My experience, however, is in helping others heal their skin using these delightful products. I am not afraid to research for you and to create for you a unique product using solely beautiful oils and butters, plant extracts, and delightful, skin nourishing herbal powders.


I truly believe the earth contains what we need to balance our skin out. No synthetics or harsh chemicals OF ANY KIND are necessary. With consistency and patience you can achieve the skin you love.My goal is to help you do so.

Care Consultation

  • Mineral 29 Organics' Care Consultation is a 45-minute consult over either zoom or the telephone (zoom is preferred).  We will discuss your skin care concerns and decide a skincare package for you.  If necessary I will formulate products specific to your skin.  While I do not and cannot give a 100% guarantee that these products will heal your skin, I always formulate with the health of your skin in mind. 

    Please note that that there are some skin conditions that may first require physician intervention.  Therefore, it is best to first see a licensed professional or your primary care physician prior to consulting with me.