We use foundation to give our skin a look of balance and health.  But when we take our makeup off, we want our skin to still have that look of health and balance.  We want our skin to still be healing and glowing, making foundation optional.  So why not use a primer that works for you, under your foundation?  Introducing our Earthen|Wear Cream Primer. Designed to work like a primer, we blended unrefined oils that will keep your skin moisturized, while using plant extracts like passion flower, which is calming  and moisturizing and rich with Vitamin A and C, which helps skin on a cellular level.  Maqui Berry, being rich in anthocyanins, brightens the skin and keeps it youthful by its abundance of antioxidants. And dandelion root reduces inflammation but also encourages cell regeneration which could reverse minor signs of aging. 

Earthen|Wear Cream Face Primer, 30 ml

  • *Arrowroot Powder, Rhassoul Clay, Unrefined Oil Blend of Milk Thistle, *Passion Fruit, Red Raspberry, and *Carrot Seed, * Colloidal Gold, *Witch Hazel, organic plant extract blend of passion flower, maqui berry, and dandelion root, acacia Senegal powder.
    *Certified Organic  ALLERGENS:  Seeds, Nuts, plant extracts.  If pregnant, nursing, or currently treating a medical condition, consult physician prior to use.  

  • To use, simply put approximately four drops onto fingertips, and massage gently and thoroughly into skin. Apply makeup either while skin is slightly dewey or when cream is dry.