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  • This creamy face serum checks off all the boxes when it comes to your skin, whether your skin needs to be nourished, hydrated, or all of the above.  


    Key Ingredients:
    Uva Urs
    i - This extract is a natural source of arbutin and acts similarly to hydroquinone.  It lightens scars, fights darkspots, is very high in antioxidants and works very well against wrinkles.  

    Plantain Extract - With its high germicidal properties, it is highly effective in fighting acne, but gentle enough to soothe skin, while reducing scarring and promoting skin regeneration

    Ecuardorian Rose Extract - Enhances cellular renewal process, encourages healthy, smooth skin; promotes skin elasticity and decreases redness and blotches. Contains B3 (Niacin), which is effective against hyperpigmentation


    Gentle enough to use daily 

    2 oz glass bottle with either dropper/pipette top or treatment pump

    EARTHereal Creamy Face Serum

    • Safflower, *Camellia Seed, *Baobab, *Sacha Inchi, extracts of *plantain, *uva ursi, *turmeric, *corn silk, and ecuadorian rose, fruit enzymes, elderberry extract, thanakha extract, essential oil blend of *melissa, *chamomile, *frankincense, acacia gum.  *Certified organic

    • Shake well before each use.  To start, put one pump of oil into your palms and rub together before smoothing onto damp skin of your face and neck. If needing more moisture, add one more pump to your skin. 

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