• Those who battle hyperpigmentation know that the struggle can last a long time.  Sometimes, it is due to reoccurence of outbreaks in the same general area: chin, jaw line, cheekbones, forehead.  So having a plan of attack is a must.  The EVEN hyperpigmentation mask is designed to brighten your skin, all over.  In doing so, it will break decrease the appearance of melanin scars.  We did this by adding ingredients that brighten the skin beautifully, like fenugreek, turmeric, kakadu fruit, and yogurt powder.  We also wanted to blend with something that is known for being a tyrosinase-inhibitor: shiitake mushroom and pure koji acid powder, which is made from mushrooms.  But we know in order to stop hyperpigmentation, breakouts must be controlled.  We therefore added white willow bark powder to help fight acne-causing bacteria and calm your skin.  

    This product is POWERFUL!  I love what it does to my skin, the brightening effect it has and how it is fading quickly recent scarring.  If you know how the real the battle with acne and hyperpigmentation is, then you understand how important it is to have a powerful face mask like this in your arsenal. 



    EVEN Hyperpigmentation Mask, 2 oz jar

    • Powder Blend of *Shiitake mushroom, *Licorice, *Fenugreek, *White Willow Bark, *Turmeric, wildcrafted Kakadu Plum, pure Yogurt Powder, Koji Acid Powder, Pure Red Sandalwood Powder. No added fragrance. Allergens: herbs
      *certified organic

    • Using provided spoon, put one scoop into a small bowl and wet with liquid of choice (water, juice, milk).  Smooth all over damp skin (works best when skin is clean and pores are open). Let sit for five minutes or until you feel a slight tingling in skin. Rinse with warm water. PLEASE NOTE:  DUE TO THE PRESENCE OF TURMERIC, THIS STAINS. please use a dark cloth or paper towel to remove mask.