There are thousands of species of plants and flowers for our visual enjoyment. But their benefits do not stop at being visually or emotionally pleasing. They contain anti inflammatory, antibacterial as well as strong antioxidant benefits that can soothe and heal our skin, fight against skin ailments, and even work against the superficial signs of aging.  Each FLORESSED jar is made at the time of ordering. Each variety contains amazing antioxidants and fatty acids or plant compounds that work to help keep your skin youthful. There is no added fragrance or essential oil for scent.  

Floressed Floral Face Cream, 2 oz

  • Mindfully made with these ingredients (**certified organic): **camellia seed oil, **unrefined sweet almond oil and or unrefined blueberry seed oil, pure tiger nut oil, **bamboo powder or bamboo extract,  xanthan gum and/or agar agar, Colloidal silver (to protect) colloidal copper, **bitter melon extract, **passionflower extract and/or **Rose extract in colloidal copper and/or **Jasmine extract in colloidal copper and/or honeysuckle in colloidal copper and/or hibiscus extract and/or maqui berry extract,  wild geranium extract.