• Fruit tastes wonderful and flowers are gorgeous, but did you know how wonderful they can be on your skin? Our Fruit and Flower Facial Mask was designed to help with hyperpigmentation and discoloration, although it truly is benefiting to all skin types. The lycopene contained in the organic papaya powder combines with red sandalwood powder, which is known for its melatonin-balancing properties, to provide balance to your complexion. Wild-crafted chamomile and lavendar flower powders help with inflammation to help both calm your skin and reduce redness. Blended with unrefined, organic Hemp seed oil, this scrub will exfoliate and balance you, giving you clean, glowing, and enviable skin. No fragrance oils or essential oils added - just the naturally beautiful floral scent of the chamomile and lavendar ingredients.


    This product is for external use only.  Please do not ingest. This product is for external use only. Please do not ingest. No CBD or THC has been added or included in the manufacturing of this product.

    Fruit and Flower Multi-Complexion Mask, 2 oz jar

    • Kaolin Clay, *Oat Flour,  Organic Lavender Powder, *Pomegranate Peel, Wild Crafted Chamomile Powder, *Unrefined Hemp Seed Oil, *Papaya Fruit Powder, *Camu Camu, *Goji Berry, Red Sandalwood Powder, *Slippery Elm Bark. *Certified Organic