This is a simple box designed to give you beautiful hair and a healthy scalp, simply.  Our Earthly Infusion Scalp Toner is designed to put Ph balance back to your scalp, add protein to your scalp, and encourage good blood circulation to your scalp, which would encourage healthy hair growth.  Coco & Quinoa Pre- Shampoo is delightful for anyone who wants to give their dry hair a deep condition prior to shampooing. With its blend of cocoa and pomegranate with rich, organic oils like avocado and hemp seed, this is perfect for thirsty tresses that could use some extra love.Earthly Infusions Hair Oil is designed to keep your scalp moisturized and healthy with the aid of awesome plant extracts like stinging nettle, proven to nourish both hair and scalp and encourage hair growth. Our Pudding Hair and Skin treat is truly a treat! Its creamy texture is designed like a leave-in conditioner, and will give your tresses elasticity and shine without weighing them down.  But good hair begins with clean hair!  And for that, we include our BAIR Body and Hair cleansing bars. These bars are extremely popular due to their amazing ingredients.  Made with only organic oils and certified organic essential oils and fragrance oils, these will clean the builup from your scalp and hair, allowing the important nutrients in our products to nourish and strengthen your hair. These bars DO NOT have palm oil, sunflower or safflower oil, or coconut oil. An over $65 value box.  Each box comes with a satin-lined cap to protect your hair. Enjoy the love this will put in your tresses.

InTressed Beauty Suite (Hair Care)

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