The road to moisturized and full lips is paved with good oils - and there are some good oils in these little jars! Containing babassu butter, jojoba oil and unrefined argan oil, this combination of fatty acids, lightly tinted lip moisturizer pairs beautifully or shines alone while keeping your lips happy. Wake up and enjoy the day with amazingly soft and full-looking lips! Contains no menthol or cinnamon, as these tend to dry your lips out.  

 Enjoy the love these oils put into your lips.

"My daughter would pick at her lips and they would bleed. Now, using your gloss, she doesn't, and her lips look so much better!" -- EA, Spokane, WA Directions for Use: Apply liberally to lips when needed. Some of the fruit powders tinting these glosses mayleave you with colorful lips, even after the gloss has gone, acting very similar to a lip stain. For best results, use with our Liquid Pearl Butter Balm.

Liquid Pearl Gloss and Balm

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  • *Babassu, *Unrefined Argan Oil, unrefined organic Jojoba Oil, organic coconut glycerin, colloidal silver.

    Tinted with: Lia: Australian red reef clay | Koa: CO cocoa powder | Ebony: Organic ebony carrot powder | Flower and Dark Jewel: Organic garnet powder (dark jewel has a deeper, richer tint than forest). | Opaque: No tint |Betty: Organic beet root powder. Color intensity varies between batches 

     ALLERGENS: Nuts, seeds, coconut, glycerin, silver. If pregnant or nursing, consult physician prior to use. *Certified Organic