• With Omega-6 aplenty in this skincare blend, this oil has but one job to do:  keep acne at bay.  Skin that is low in Omega 6 (or linoleic acid) is more prone to acne due to the skin's protective barrier being compromised. What better way to boost our natural defense against acne than with this assortment of unrefined and certified organic oils! 


    This product is for external use.  Do not ingest.  

    M29's A.A.A. (Against All Acne) Face Oil, 30 ml

    • Unrefined blend of *Milk Thistle, *Pumpkin Seed, *Rose Hip,  Red Raspberry, Hemp Seed, and *Pomegranate Seed Oils, pure and organic essential oil blend.  

    • Put 4-6 drops (or 1-2 pumps) into palms and rub palms together.  Press into skin before massaging all over face and neck.  Can be used daily.