We have set out to protect your foundation before adding your foundation. Our organically made makeup primer gives your skin a healthy barrier between your foundation. Made with certified organic rose hip and red raspberry seed oils, these nourishing oils combine with passionflower extract to keep your foundation looking smooth while hydrating your natural foundation without clogging your pores, and calming dry, itchy, and irritated skin. To use, simply put 3 drops in 2 palms and rub in a circular motion on your face. Wait 5 minutes before applying your foundation. Shake well before use.  Has a lovely silken feel. Mindfully made with these ingredients:  **arrowroot powder, **rose hip seed oil, **red raspberry seed oil, **carrot seed oil, **sweet almond oil, organic passionflower extract, **Mandarin green essential oil, Jasmine essential oil. Allergens: seeds, nuts, citrus. If pregnant, nursing, or currently treating a medical condition, due to the presence of herbs, do not use.**certified organic

Makeup Primer