The first thing you will notice about this cream is how beautifully it's scented. And as your finger glides across its smooth surface and gently massage into your skin, the lightweight yet powerfully moisturizing combination of Mango Butter, Unrefined Sweet Almond Oil, and Unrefined Baobab Oil will help heal and add moisture to your skin, which can help combat fine lines and wrinkles. Add a dab of unrefined Sea Buckthorne to help combat acne, rosacea, and the inflammation that accompanies it. The Clary Sage and Jasmine essential oils helps calm both your skin and your mind. Use it before bedtime and enjoy its relaxing fragrance.DIRECTIONS FOR USE: For cream, apply a very small amount onto face and decolletage, massaging gently until fully absorbed.  For lightweight blend, put 2 pumps of cream into palms and massage gently into face and decolletage until fully absorbed.  This product is available in a lightweight face cream as well, for even you want an amazing moisturizer with a lighter touch. Blended with certified organic raspberry hydrosol, which naturally combats UV-related hyperpigmentation, this lightweight cream contains all the goodness of our full creme blend, just with a lighter feel.Due to the presence of Amla and Sea Buckthorn, this product is not recommended if you have a sensitivity to Vitamin C.Mindfully made with these ingredients: Organic mango butter, unrefined organic blend of baobab, amla, co sweet almond, and sea buckthorn oil and/or co red raspberry seed and/or co rosehip oil and/or co carrot seed oil,  essential oil blend of pure jasmine and certified organic clary sage.  Lightweight face cream includes certified organic red raspberry hydrosol, colloidal silver and/or colloidal gold, xanthan gum and/or gum arabicaALLERGENS: Nuts, seeds, metalsCo: certified organic

Rewind You Evening Face Cream

Choose Your Blend:
  • Mango Butter. Blend of Unrefined Oils (Vanilla Bean Infused Sweet Almond, Amla, Baobab, *Rosehip, *Carrot Seed), Certified Organic Clary Sage, Jasmine/Coral Jasmine Essential Oil, Colloidal Silver (to protect)

    Rewind You Lightweight Cream includes Sea Buckthorn infused distilled water, colloidal gold and colloidal silver.  May or may not contain *raspberry leaf hydrosol


    *certified organic

    *ingredients subject to change

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