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  • When it comes to foundation, I am Team Matte all the way.  Truly, everyone has a preference when it comes to the look of these skin, especially wearing foundation. But if you're on my team, than my OPTIONAL Pearl Powdered Foundation provides  that beautiful blur-like finish, giving you that fantastic matte complexion that you so desire.  Paired with my MisTea Setting spray, this long lasting powder blend is beautifully made and healthy for your skin. 

    Select your color from the list below. 

    Please note:  The powder is lighter in color than the cream due to it being a powder; however, it is the same color and is actually the base of the cream foundation. 

    Currently only available in loose powder and comes in a sifter jar


    OPTIONAL PEARL Powder Foundation

    • Pure Sericite powder, Bamboo Powder, Pure Pearl Powder and/or Kaolin clay, pure non-nano zinc oxide, may contain these iron oxides: brown red, green, yellow, blue. 

    • Spritz your loose powder brush with setting spray (if you do not have one, try my MisTea Setting Spray)before dipping into powder.  This will help the powder adhere to you brush and skin and will minimize fly away powder.  For best results, apply OPTIONAL Priming Toner prior to application and spritz MisTea Setting Sprray after application.

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