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  • OPTIONAL Primer - designed to elevate your foundation game and leave your face feeling ah-mazing! Skin brightening and smoothing, this lightweight primer will not clog your pores but instead love on your skin to give you foundation-free confidence.


    Key Ingredients:

    Juniper Berry: Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory to fight acne; balances oil production

    Colloidal Copper: Improves elasticity and increases colalgen production


    Directions for use: Put 2-4 pmps of primer between fingers and rub together to warm the blend. Smooth all over face and allow to dry before applying foundation. Can also be blended with foundation to provide lighter coverage.Comes in 2 oz glass bottle with treatment pump or 1 oz glass bottle with dropper top


    This product is for external use.  Do not ingest.  Does not contain nor has been aded THC or CBD in formulation.

    Optional Priming Toner

    • Mindfully Made With These Ingredients: distilled water, *hemp seed oil, colloidal silver, *cane alcohol, extracts of *plantain, elderberry extract, ecuadorian rose, *marshmallow root, *oatstraw, essential oil blend of *juniper berry, *clary sage, *Palma Rosa, colloidal copper, *arrowroot,powder, xanthan gum. Allergens: Nuts, seeds, corn, citrus, metals.

      *Certified Organic

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