Does your hair have too much oil? Does your hair have too little moisture? If the answer is yes to either one of these questions, then one of these products  is made for your hair. 

 Our PRE-SHAMPOO  blend of organic cocoa powder and hydrolyzed quinoa is combined  with vitamin rich seaweed and pomegranate and aloe Vera powders, as well as the unrefined organic blend of hemp seed grape seed and marula oils.  The goal of this delightful blend is to provide your hair with deep condition that puts these moisturizing nutrients into your hair strands. It is a perfect pre-treatment for those with problematic hair that dries out easily and needs to get a little extra love before shampooing. DIRECTIONS FOR USE:  Apply enough to hair to cover thoroughly. Smooth through hair by finger combing.  Let sit for five minutes.  If deep conditioning, cover with cap and a warm towel and sit for 30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and follow with a Mineral 29 Organics BAIR Earth cleansing bar. 

Mindfully made with  Organic kokum butter, certified organic Cocoa powder, organic pomegranate powder, certified organic aloe vera powder, organic seaweed powder, organic unrefined blends of avocado, grapeseed, hemp,  and marula seed oils, ginger, wasabi and garlic extract, quinoa hydrolyzed protein, guar gum, certified organic coconut fragrance.

Allergens: Nuts, seaweed, coconut, seeds

 Our Cocoa and clay here rinse is for those that have a little too much oil, to the point where it is very difficult to wash out  And is waxy to the touch.  Using nutrient rich coconut vinegar, which boast and a bundance amount of amino acids that provide your hair with moisture while getting rid of the oil, we also blended it with rhassoul clay, which is the moisturizing of all clays, the combination of the two cutting through the oil so you can rinse it out of your hair.  Coconut vinegar also has a Ph balancing effect on the scalp, which over time will help balance reproduction so your hair is not as oily. This blend should be used between shampoos. 
DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Section wet hair and apply a tablespoon at least to each section, making sure to cover all the hair in each section.  Finger comb through hair until you notice the blend feeling thicker, like a mask, on your hair.  Rinse thoroughly.  If hair still feels oily, repeat.  Then follow up with a Mineral 29 Organics Bair Bar to thoroughly clean your hair. 

MINDFULLY MADE WITH  Certified organic coconut vinegar, plantain leaf hydrosol, rhassoul clay, xanthan gum, certified organic essential oil blend

PreShampoo or Hair Rinse, 8 oz

Hair Rinse or Pre-Conditioner?
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