Did you know that while we sleep, our skin repairs itself from the wear and tear of our every day life? If our skin is working so hard while we slumber, why not collaborate with our body to give us that glorious morning skin? Our Rest & Repair Beauty Suite contains worry-free products to clean, unblock our pores, and moisturize your skin. The Rewind You Evening Face Cream, with its gentle scent of clary sage and jasmine, is the icing on this skin sweet as it will help calm your mind, making for a peaceful slumber. The FLORESSED Skin Cream is for that all-important decolletage area that should not be ignored, especially as we get older.  This beauty suite contains these full-sized products: - bair EARTH Liquid Cleanser - Mpole Gentle Face Scrub or similar scrub/mask- Butterfly Hydrating Toner - Rewind You Evening Face Cream or Face Oil - Laini Skin Loving Body Oil - Floressed Face Moisturizer, and a free beauty gift.  This box is at least a $150 value! Made with only the best pure and organic ingredients for your beauty.

Rest & Repair Beauty Box