• Toners should not equal dry skin. Traditional toners can strip your skin of all those beautiful oils that protect it. So I formulated SiliKa Hydrating Toners - a suite of toners that encourage healthy skin while doing what we love toners to do - tighten pores, balance oil production, and cause our skin to glow.  To begin, select one or two options that describes your skin.  We will formulate a product that will help to address those concerns.  For a list of the ingredients that we will use, see the Ingredients section. 


    SiliKa Hydratoner Suite, 2 oz glass bottles

    • Base Ingredients for each toner are:  *Witch Hazel, *Bulgarian Rose Water, Colloids of Gold and Silver, *Coconut Vinegar, plant extract of *Oat Straw, *essential oil blends (depends on the blend). 

      **Each toner will have a scent of bulgarian rose, due to the inclusion of it as a main ingredient. 


      Sensitive Skin:  Plant extracts of *honeysuckle, *chamomile, *dandelion,  *marshmallow root 

      Acne:  Plant extracts of *plaintain leaf,  *wild geranium, *bitter melon, *white willow bark, manuka essential oil

      Dry Skin: Plant extracts of *marshmallow root, *acacia gum, *hibiscus flower, *oat straw

      Hyperpigmentation: Plant extracts of *turmeric, *corn silk, *licorice root, *camu camu, *reishi

      Combination: Plant extracts of wildcrafted triple mushroom or *reishi,  *passion flower, *wild geranium, *maqui berry

    • Herbs, coconut, metals, citrus.

      If pregnant, nursing, or actively treating a medical condition, due to the abundance of herbal content, do not use.