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  • Is there anything more romantic sounding then jasmine and rose?  I may be biased, but it's quite possibly my favorite combination to use in my skincare products. To know that you can finish off your OPTIONAL Foundation with a touch from this rose + jasmine setting spray can be a confidence booster.  Even better, this can be used as a daily face toner, due to the amazing astringent benefits of copper and gold.  You won't only look beautiful, you'll feel beautiful, too! And the most amazing part is that the ingredients will help you to continue to look and feel  beautiful sans makeup.  


    Comes in 2 oz frosted glass bottle. 

    OPTIONAL MisTea Herbal Setting Spray

    • Distilled water, *witch hazel, colloidal silver, ionic copper and/or colloidal gold, *cane alcohol, *rose and/or *jasmine and/or *butterfly pea flower infused *coconut glycerin, *honeysuckle plant extract, *clary sage essential oil and/or pure jasmine oil.



      Allergens: coconut, metals, citrus.









      *Certified organic

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