The first product bearing the Mineral29 Organics label, this deodorant cream is smooth and soothing to the skin. Containing non-nano, uncoated zinc oxide, this deodorant does not prevent sweating but its antibacterial properties prevents you from unpleasant underarm odor. Combined with antibacterial companions Colloidal Silver and unrefined coconut oil, you can enjoy wearing sleeveless shirts in the summer without worry, and using the proper amount of cream,the zinc oxide will not leave a strong white film, even on dark skin._________________________________________________________________________________________________MINDFULLY MADE WITH THESE INGREDIENTS: Certified organic virgin coconut oil, certified organic arrowroot powder, non-nano and uncoated zinc oxide powder, colloidal silver, pure and organic essential oil blend. Directions for use: Start with a dime-sized amount for each armpit
Butter Bar Deodorant Ingredients:*Cocoa Butter, organic mango/kokum/unrefined shea butter, candelilla wax, *arrowroot powder,non-nano, uncoated zinc oxide powder, *citrus essential oil blend, colloidal silver

Silver + Zinc Deodorants, Cream or bar

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