This July, we are focusing on turning over a new skin care leaf!  Do you struggle with skin issues? Is your skin:

Overly dry?

Overly oily?

Red and irritated?


Combination (and complicated)?


Are  you worried about:


hyperpigmentation (sun damage to acne trauma)?

cystic acne?


These skin-care suites are designed to give you the loving that your skin needs to start healing safely.  Using the chemical compounds of natural plant and flower extract and powders, these skin treats will help your skin turn around and be glowing, happy, and balanced. 


Simply select one of the skin suites below that best fits the needs of your skin. All skin suites receive a bottle of our bair EARTH Liquid Castile Soap, a face oil or cream, and a hydratoner


Oily Skin: Floressed Face Cream and Silika Hydratoner

Dry Skin with fine lines and wrinkles: Rewind You Evening Face Cream and Butterfly Hydratoner

Combination Skin: Covan*E Face Oil and Moon Drops Hydratoner

Acne-Prone Skin: Rewind You Nourishing Night Cream and Silika Hydratoner

Damaged Skin (hyperpigmentation): Even Face Cream and Balance Hydratoner

Sensitive Skin: BabyFace Vitamin C-Free Face Oil and Honeysuckle Hydratoner

Normal to Dryish: Floressed Evening Face Cream and Butterfly Hydratoner




Skin-Care Suites

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$51.00Sale Price