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M29's News and Announcements

This page is dedicated to announcing all the new products and updates that are being made - all with you in mind. 

10/4/2022 Welcome to my new page!  Much has happened in these past couple of months.  
But to not get too detailed and long-winded, let me explain what is coming up soon.  

        EARTHereal Skin Care Line: With the success of OPTIONAL Foundation Drops, I wanted to reduce the amount of skincare products I offer while still providing you with what you need to keep your skin healthy and/or reach your skincare goals.  EARTHereal can be used whether you are fighting aging or fighting acne.  These beautifully made products are designed to do one thing - heal your skin using plant extracts and oils, regardless of what your skin concern is. You would be surprised how aging and acne can be addressed using the same methods.          Because of this, many products that you used to purchase have been either discontinued or remarketed.  The ones that have been discontinued will be discounted until stock is depleted. However, EVEN Face Cream and A.A.A (Against All Acne) Face Serum have been rebranded the EARTHereal Bright & Light Cream and EARTHereal Regenerative Oil Face Cleanser.

Soon - to - be- announced tinted eye cream.
End of October will see the release of my new tinted eye cream, a compliment to my OPTIONAL Foundation Suite.  This eye cream will be included in the suite as well as sold separately. More info will be coming in the future.


October 21, 2022
I am so excited to announce the name of my new eye cream! EyeRyse Eye Defining Tinted Eye Cream will be released within the OPTIONAL Foundation Suite on October 28, 2022.  For a bit more information, please view the video announcement below. 








October 27, 2022

There will be a temporary price increase in shipping.  Due to the increase demand on USPS, I am unable to get their shipping supplies in a timely manner.  Because of this, I will have to use non-specific boxes, which does increase the cost.  The price increase will be $1-2, and I stress that this is only temporary - as soon as I get my shipping items, the cost will go back down.  It's that time of year.  Thank you for your understanding. 

November 14, 2022

So many new things to announce!  So I'll make it quick.
Collaboration coming soon!  A fun collaboration just in time for some sweet Black Friday deals. And sweet they are!

New (Re)-Release: I'm bringing back one of my favorite products but in a new capacity.  I cannot wait to announce what it is next week! 

Black Friday deals!  Beautiful deals on my truly clean beauty products. So excited to help pamper you all!

And finally!   A new loyalty program!  If you have noticed on the bottom of my website it uses the term Mineralista.  My new Mineralista Beauty Rewards Program has been set up for you beauties that enjoy that 'clean' style; products that focus on what our beautiful home provides.  So to say thank you for your support, you will receive a beauty gem for every $1 spent on my products.  You will receive a 20% off coupon with each 300$ spent.  Look to receive free beauty gems for your account!


November 17, 2022
I am always looking for ways to make OPTIONAL Foundation even better.  Currently, I am in the process of replacing one popular ingredient, one that is so common in liquid foundation.  I am replacing it to make my products even more the definition of "clean makeup".  More information will follow in the newsletter coming out in a couple of weeks. 

June 21, 2023
Good morning, everyone!  I have some news regarding my Bair EARTH Multi-Complexion cleanser.  
If you're a fan of my cleanser, then you know how amazing it is and can be.  Since the two years since inaugurating this product, I have used it for everything that I could possibly think of to clean, from body to home.  Because this is such an amazing product, I have decided to make it a stand alone product, separate from Mineral29 Organics, and give it a new name and brand as a castile cleaner for body and home.  
Bair EARTH will still be featured in my EARTHereal Elemental Cleansing Water, and it supplies the power making this an extremely effective yet gentle cleaner for your face.  However, for sizes ranging from 8 oz and up, there will be a different link to purchase such product.  There will be more information coming soon.  


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