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  • My CHIC Tint Eye Lines mascara and fine liner is mindfully made to be:
    - smudge resistant
    - flake resistant
    - lash defining 
    - used on sensitive eyes

    Currently only available in Eclipse (black)
    Also available as a Lash&Liner Duo - mascara and eyeliner


    CHIC Tint Eye Lines

    • Distilled water, *cane alcohol, *vegetable glycerin, xanthan gum, acacia gum, candelilla wax, glycerol stearate, black iron oxide and/or mica powder, marshmallow root extract, *lavendar essential oil or lavendar floral extract. May contain pure lavender powder (mascara only). May contain brown iron oxide and/or moroccan red clay. *certified organic

    • Mascara: Apply to clean and dry lashes from base to tip.  Feel free to layer!  Apply one coating and allow to dry, then apply another coat. Repeat if desired (I find 2-3 layers the sweetspot for getting them EXTRA lashes).  Allow to dry fully.  This mascara is smudge-resistant but not smudge proof. Please note: the more coats added the more likely to flake. 

      Recommend replacing after 45 days. 

      Eye Liner:  Apply to clean eyelids.  For better adherence, apply Mineral29 Organics face powder (Prime & Set or Foundation Powder) onto lids first.  Can be used on top of primer of choice or setting powder.  Gently pulling eye lid taut, use liner brush to sweep liner along the top of your lashes, following the curve.  Allow to dry.  

      This liner is smudge resistant but not smudge proof.  

      Replace after 30-45 days

      *Please note: My EYELINES blends should smell faintly of lavendar. If you notice a change to scent and/or color, DISCONTINUE USE immediately.  


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