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  • Let's bring the battle to your acne. This is a compilation of fruit and spice to combat the look of blemishes.  Combining this product with REWIND YOU Nourishing Night Oil will help you put up a good fight in reclaiming your skin against excessive acne outbreaks. 


    Key Beautifying Ingredients:

    Heeng Oil - Both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, works well against acne and as whitening agent, against acne scarring. 

    Fruit Acid Complex - Full of AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids), this complex increases the rate of cell turnover to diminish the look of acne scarring

    Sea Buckthorn -  Inhibits tyrosinase enzyme, helping reduce the look of dark spots and blemishes

    EARTHereal Compilation Blemish Serum

    • *Hemp seed oil, *Sea Buckthorn Oil, extracts of *uva ursi and turmeric, essentail oil blend of  *lemon, *bergamot, *turmeric, *carrot seed, fruit acid complex 
      Allergens: citrus, sugar maple, carrots, seeds
      *Certified organic

    • Put 4-6 drops into palms and rub together to warm the oil.  Press oil into skin before massaging in a circular motion into skin. 

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