• With the health of your skin always on our mind,we developed this lightweight face moisturizer along with its’ complement, EVEN Hydratoner, to soothe irritated skin and powerfully even out your skin tone. We balanced Shea Butter and Argan, two moisturizing while non-pore clogging oils, with the Vitamin C – power of Camu Camu and Kakadu Plum. Camu Camu is also rich in skin-hydrating potassium as well as polyphenols, antioxidant-rich nutrients like ellagic acid, that reduces UV-induced hyperpigmentation. Wildcrafted pequi oil is a true warrior when it comes to hyperpigmentation! With its character of quercetin, quinic, and gallic acid, this oil combines with these plant extracts to inhibit the production of melanin, protect your collagen and protein stores, to keep your skin youthful, even, and bright. For those that struggle with hyperpigmentation, we added another beautiful, nature-made ingredient: kojic acid, a gentle alternative to hydroquinone, to add a little more oomph in this cream for those truly stubborn dark spots.  To say this moisturizer was made with love is truly an understatement. This helps you fall in love with your skin again. To use, simply put 2-4 pumps into palms and rub together to warm the cream. Press gently into skin before massaging in a circular motion. Due to the citrus content, allow to absorb completely before being in sunlight.This beautiful face cream works best with other products made with the same love and care for your skin. Pair this with our hydrating toner, face mask, and face cleanser and receive a small discount on the full-size set as opposed to buying all separately. You may also choose to purchase the sample-size version of these products as well.

    EVEN Face Cream, 2 oz

    • Distilled water, *Shea Oil, *Argan Oil, Colloidal Silver, Grapefruit Seed Extract (*grapefruit, purified water, *cane alcohol), extracts of *licorice, *camu camu, and *corn silk, wild harvested Kakadu plum, wild harvested pequi oil, elderberry extract,  pure kunzea essential oil, *turmeric essential oil, *roman chamomile essential oil.
      Allergens: Contains citrus, herbs  
      *certified organic.