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"My face feels so clean - love it!" TP, Texas

My bair EARTH Liquid Castile Soap can give your skin that beautiful, clean foundation that you need prior to moisturizing.  Made with certified organic ingredients, scented by your choice, and infused with pau d'arco, this cleanser, with a pH between 8 and 9, will give even sensitive skin a gentle yet thorough clean. 

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Our masks and scrubs are made with your skin health in mind. 

Have you glanced at our face masks?  Our masks are gentle, all pure and organic ingredients that are free of synthetics, and leave your skin with a worry-free glow.

                   Featured Ingredient: Watermelon Seed Oil

It's summer...so let's talk about one of our favorite summer fruits - watermelon.  As refreshing it is to eat, It's seeds are just as refreshing for our skin.  Lightweight, it is a versatile oil that benefits all skin types, and gentle enough to be used on babies.  It is high in vitamins A and E, which helps with UV damage and toxins in the skin. It also lowers the sebum production in our skin, helping to balance out excessively oily complexions.  Containing some of my personal favorite minerals, like magnesium, iron, copper and potassium, this oil can keep your skin beautifully moisturized any time of year.  It is so good that I trust it in my BabyFace Oil for Sensitive Skin, to baby the skin of anyone who needs something gentle yet moisturizing for their skin.  

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Depending on ingredient availability or product popularity, we will rotate out products to bring back at a later time.  If you would like to reorder an item but it is not in our current catalog, just email us your request. If the ingredients are available, we will make your beauty product special for you. 


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