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Silver + Zinc
Cream Deodorant

Powered by minerals.
Certified organic ingredients.  
Aluminum and baking soda free. 
Long-lasting effectiveness. 

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"I absolutely love the Even cream with my foundation!"


Our EVEN Face Cream is designed to be that barrier between your skin and your foundation.  It helps to keep your skin from looking haggard by incorporating delicious, antioxidant-rich ingredients like Camu Camu extract and Kakadu plum, which brighten and, well, even your skin tone to give you a healthy glow, beautifully bare-faced.   

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Our masks and scrubs are made with your skin health in mind. 

Have you glanced at our face masks?  Our masks are gentle, all pure and organic ingredients that are free of synthetics, and leave your skin with a worry-free glow.

Why we 


Before Lyonys Beauty became a reality, I knew that focusing on the best ingredients was a must.  I would have loved to use the term "organic" in my name to show how passionate I am about using organic and earthborn ingredients.  But I felt like my business was too new, too young, to have earned the word "organic" in the title.  Now, as my business, my focus, and my experience has grown, as well as learning more about trace minerals and their essential purpose to each and every bodily function, I felt now is the best time to become MINERAL 29 Organics.  
I currently have many new products under this new label.  Feel free to learn more about them.  I will update you as I continue to transition products to our new identity. 

Can't find a product you previously ordered?

Depending on ingredient availability or product popularity, we will rotate out products to bring back at a later time.  If you would like to reorder an item but it is not in our current catalog, just email us your request. If the ingredients are available, we will make your beauty product special for you. 


Nothing says "earthy" more than mushrooms.  Some say it's an acquired taste; some love a good fungi.  But did you know that mushroom are becoming one of the hottest new skin care ingredients?  We use Shiitake mushroom in some of our products.  To find out why we're passionate about mushrooms and other earthborn ingredients, check out Our Ingredients section.


Hey there!  My name is Billie, and thank you for visiting Mineral 29 Organics!  If you know me locally, you may know that I am a wife, a mother, a volunteer, a lover of makeup, ballet, and all kinds of music.  But what fuels me is my passion for encouraging confidence-increasing, glowing skin and beautiful, healthy hair! The reasons as to why I started Mineral 29 may be similar to your own health and beauty journey. If that is the case, take a walk with me and let's get to know each other.